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In Minnesota, you will find dog breeders for all different breeds of dogs;  Toy dogs, Large dogs, bull dogs, terriers and more...  For the prospective dog owner with unique taste, you may find that you need to expand your dog breeder search nationally.  Our dog breeder referrals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area have an excellent track record.  If you want rescue a dog, we have a directory for that too!

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Finding a good breeder Tips:  When you visit a breeder, pay attention to how the dogs are kept.  Do they have plenty of space for their dogs?  Do they train their puppies?  Do they call them by name and handle them with respect?  Are they concerned about the home you will provide and making sure you have the resources to be a great dog owner?  The answer to these questions is yes when you have found the right breeder!  And don't be shy, ask the breeder what they do with the dogs that do not get sold!
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For references, you can look to a number of prominent dog organizations such as: Midwest Animal Rescue, Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota, MN Pug Rescue, Minnesota Boxer Rescue, Wagging Tails Doggy Daycare in Eagan, Camp Bow Wow in Burnsville, Fetch! Pet Care, Pampered Pooch and The Hopkins Animal Hospital.
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