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Dog grooming needs are breed specific.  For many breeds, grooming is extremely important for their health.  Some dogs require regular haircuts so that they can see, others need grooming to avoid infection and some require grooming because their coat will not maintain without it.   All dogs require basic grooming every now and then.  The grooming experience should be a relaxed and bonding experience for the groomer and the puppy being groomed. 

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Dog Grooming Tips:  Dog grooming should be a great experience for your dog.  The touch and care of a groomer should create a relaxed state for your dog and provide a bonding experience.  A healthy dog should leave the groomer proud and energetic.  If your dog has developed a negative association with grooming, try reintroducing the activity with things your dog enjoys.  From time to time, take your puppy in just to give them a treat and then walk out.  If they fuss and fight during the grooming, never let it be an effective tool for them to use to get you to stop, this only promotes that unwanted behavior. 
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For references, you can look to a number of prominent dog organizations such as: Midwest Animal Rescue, Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota, MN Pug Rescue, Minnesota Boxer Rescue, Wagging Tails Doggy Daycare in Eagan, Camp Bow Wow in Burnsville, Fetch! Pet Care, Pampered Pooch and The Hopkins Animal Hospital.
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